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"When you have been running a family business for almost 20 years, you pick up a thing or 2 about the best air conditioning practices to make sure you're still around for the next 20"  ~ Kristy, Director of GT Air

Top 3 Common Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Bad Practices That Will Cost You Money

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

1. Single Taping of Flex

When choosing your brand of ducted air conditioner you would consider the efficiency of the airconditioner as a top priority. However if there is 'air leakage' into your ceiling space at the joins in your flexible tubing, any gains in efficiency could be lost.

"Double taping the flexible duct is industry best practice"

Double taping the ducted air con flex involves the inner sheath and the outer sheath are both being taped securely to prevent any air escaping into your ceiling space at these connection points and makes sure ALL the cool air is reaching your rooms where you want to feel it.

Ducted air conditioning flexible duct fittings taped to a P3 box
The duct fittings are literally duct taped together securely

It takes extra time at installation to do this work and is not noticeable to the customer after the ducted installation is complete, which is why it isn't a priority for other installers.

2. No Drip Tray & Emergency Drain

When working to a budget, the installation of a drip tray and emergency drain for your ducted AC is usually the first to be deleted from the job.

All air conditioners produce condensation and there is a main drain that is usually run to a gutter to disperse this water. If your main drain gets blocked by mud wasps or curious critters the water will back up and overflow into your ceiling.

"The water leakage can sometimes take awhile to notice and extensive damage can already have occurred"

As a precautionary measure it is best practice to install a drip tray under the indoor unit of your air conditioner in your ceiling with an emergency drain that leads to an obvious place in your home's fascia so that if you notice water coming out of it you know to contact your air conditioning technician immediately.

3. Poorly Designed Flexible Tubing Coming From the Indoor Unit

Ducted air conditioning was never meant to be packaged into a 'one size fits all' product. Inexperienced installers often get 'packages' of duct components from suppliers and adjust those packages to fit whatever home they are trying to cool.

Unfortunately this approach does not allow for different air pressures required to deliver air at different lengths and sizes of flexible tubing in each individual home.

Often the layout of the home does not fit the duct components the company has bought and the result is uneven distribution of air (and limited airflows at the extreme ends of the house).

"There is no way to fix this problem after the installation other than a full re-design of the flexible duct by a custom design professional"

Spending the money upfront to get it properly designed by an experienced professional in the first place will save comfort, stress and money in the long term.

GT Air uses All Air Duct & Fittings as our custom designers and suppliers for every ducted air conditioner installation, whose industry experience in South East Queensland exceeds 2 decades.

Click on our logo below to get in touch if you're considering ducted air conditioning your home, we are always happy to do a free quote onsite or from a plan - No Strings, No Surprises.


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