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"When you have been running a family business for almost 20 years, you pick up a thing or 2 about the best air conditioning practices to make sure you're still around for the next 20"  ~ Kristy, Director of GT Air

BEFORE buying an air conditioner find out why correct sizing is so important

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Split system air conditioners are only designed to air condition the room they are in, hence the name, "Room air conditioners". Whilst some people will tell you that their single split system air conditioner will cool their whole house, this is not how they are designed to work, nor can they be guaranteed to do so. The inverter technology in the majority of brands nowadays is designed to reduce the capacity of the system if needed. So, if you are trying to cool multiple rooms with one split system, once the room containing the air conditioner is at the set temperature, the unit will 'ramp down', regardless of the temperature in the other rooms.

Gone are the days where you just turned on any size air conditioner and it ran flat out til it was cold.

If the air conditioner is too small for the area

  • It will work hard all the time which can lead to premature motor burnout

  • It won't be covered by manufacturer warranty if it is deemed to small for the area

  • It won't be effective and will cause frustration.

If the air conditioner is too big for the area

  • It will cost more to run

  • It will be noisier

  • You can experience wild temperature fluctuations. This occurs when the fan cools the area too fast and the conditioned air returns to the temp-sensor before the room is the right temperature, causing the machine to cycle off before the area is cool (or warm)

At GT Air, we send our technicians to site BEFORE the job to make sure you are getting the right size air conditioner for your needs. Our expert technicians will advise you of the correct size system, as well as the best location and other considerations before the installation, so you can get a price that is all inclusive, with no hidden costs.

Get a free onsite quote from our estimator by requesting a quote or giving us a call on 3281 9100 to make sure you have the right air conditioner from the start.

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