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"When you have been running a family business for almost 20 years, you pick up a thing or 2 about the best air conditioning practices to make sure you're still around for the next 20"  ~ Kristy, Director of GT Air

New Smoke Alarm Requirements for QLD: How you will be effected

From January 1, 2022 all rental properties and properties being sold must have new interconnecting smoke alarms installed. All other properties have until January 1, 2027 to be compliant, however we suggest getting them installed sooner rather than later so you do not have an unexpected cost if you decide to sell.

Losing everything in a house fire is devastating, so act now to increase your chances of saving your valuables and most importantly your life.

Benefits of the new style

  • Detects slow smoulder fires better (which is the majority of fires in Australia)

  • All beep at the same time so a fire starting at one end of the house will be detected earlier in a bedroom giving more time to evacuate


Whilst there are DIY options available on the market, there are some complicated rules to what can and can't be used in individual homes. So instead of spending money only to find out when you want to sell that you do not comply and have to start from scratch, get a licenced electrician out to design your system properly from the outset.

You can read more about the legislation here or request a quote from GT Air and we can have a technician attend to assess your individual requirements.

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