Duct Fitting Design

Ducted systems are not meant to be sold as 'packages'. They only meet their specifications when custom designed to their application which involves a lot of calculations based on the exact layout of the home.
We have had a very long standing relationship with our duct fitting supply company who we work closely with to design the system that works the best for your home and your personal requirements.

Some homes and control systems require 3 zones plus a constant zone, whilst others can have up to 10 zones with no constant zone

A constant zone is an area of the home that is always on if the air conditioner is on, whereas other motorised zones can be turned off.


Duct Fittings

  • Standard white, round ceiling vents are included in our quotations, however if you have specific requirements we can usually accommodate these.
  • Appropriately Rated Thermal Fittings to deliver the air to the selected rooms with minimal temperature difference and also to eliminate condensation buildup on the outside from the temperature differential between the cooled air inside of the flex and the roofspace temperature outside of the flex.
  • Standard Flex connections are double taped to prevent air leakage into the roofspace and ensure no decrease in the efficiency of the machine
  • Due to their design iZone duct fittings have no air leakage into roof space (unlike some competitors) which is another reason we were happy to introduce their products to our lineup


A drip tray and emergency drain are the most important part of a quality ducted installation as these are what prevent major water damage to your ceiling should your main drain get blocked.  All main condensate drains are also insulated according to industry best practice guidelines.

Our Ducted Brands

Over the years we have come to know which brands to have a relationship with and which ones not to.  The brands we choose to partner with have a reputation for putting customers first, not just at time of sale but well after the warranty has expired.
Daikin air conditioning corporate logo

Standard Inverters

FDYAN50 (5kW) - FDYQ250 (25kW)
Standard Inverters only ramp up to the rated capacity of the air conditioner.  If you are unlikely to need over the rated capacity this may be a great option for you

Premium Inverters

FDYA71 (7.1kW) - FDYQ250 (25kW)

While Standard Inverters only ramp up to the rated capacity of the air conditioner, Premium Inverters can work over their rated capacity for 20 minutes on startup, giving the air conditioner a 'boost' when trying to quickly cool a home in the heat of the day.  This is recommended especially if your calculated Kw capacity required is well over the rated capacity of the air conditioner (which can happen for a variety of reasons)

Panasonic air conditioning corporate logo

Compact  & Deluxe Inverters

S-60PE3R (6kW) - S-224PE3R53 (22.4kW)

These compact & deluxe inverters can also work over their rated capacity for more than 20 minutes on startup and now all Panasonic ducteds now come with Nanoe-X ionisation technology that actively searches for air contaminants in your home to bring them back to the air conditioner to be disabled.

The compact range is perfect for fitting the indoor and outdoor units into tight spots and all Panasonic ducteds work exceptionally well with iZone control systems.

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DINLR07Z72 (7kW) - DINLR24Z7 (24kW)

The Rinnai inverters can work well over their rated capacity for more than 20 minutes on startup and are a great affordable option that also works really well with the iZone control systems for additional flexibility.



5 Year Manufacturer Warranties

Daikin, Panasonic & Rinnai offer 5 year manufacturer warranty and as warranty agents for Daikin & Panasonic GT Air will be the technicians who attend your initial fault call.  This saves money; If we weren't warranty agents and came out to inspect your faulty air conditioner for an installation fault and then found a manufacturer fault you would need to pay a callout fee.  When we work as a warranty agent, the manufacturer pays us for that callout.

At this stage Rinnai would prefer to have their warranty agents attend all warranty calls.