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The Big Decision

Because We Care

Installing a ducted air conditioner is an important decision for anyone's home so getting the right one to last through the years is key.  With our decades of industry experience we only work with brands and models that we are confident are going to be the best value for money and have great after sales service for the life of your air conditioner. 

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Here for you now and into the future

Plan Ahead

Daikin Ducted in lounge with family


Think about your family

Different families need different air conditioning.  Think about how much of the home you will need to air condition at the same time.  Do you need different temperatures in different rooms?  You may have family members who prefer a breeze from a split system and those that prefer the passive cooling of ducted systems. 

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Think about your budget

Ducted air conditioning is often a significant upfront cost but then it's all done, nothing more to think about.  Whereas sometimes split systems can be a more affordable option and the cost can be spread out over several years BUT future servicing of multiple split systems can negate any upfront savings now. 

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Think about your future

It's important to think about where you are going in the future.  Will you soon become empty nesters that won't need the whole house cool at the same time?  Are you planning a family soon and need temperature control in the nursery?  When are you planning on selling the home and will ducted air be a selling point?


There is SO MUCH MORE to ducted air conditioning than the floor size of your home and kw capacity of an air conditioner.  Failure to ensure the duct fitting design matches your home layout can cause costly airflow deficiencies down the track so read up on our tips and advice in our Advice Blog so you can be confident in your purchase.

Ask Questions

Everyone's home and everyone's family is unique so finding which information suits you can be confusing and sometimes misleading.  We're all about finding the right option for you, not a "one size fits all" option provided by most new builders. 


We really encourage our customers to call and have a chat about their air conditioning options.   If you're short on time and have a house plan please UPLOAD YOUR HOUSE PLAN to send a house plan or an email to organise a free on-site quote.

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