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"When you have been running a family business for almost 20 years, you pick up a thing or 2 about the best air conditioning practices to make sure you're still around for the next 20"  ~ Kristy, Director of GT Air

The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Purchasing Your New Aircon

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Optimum air conditioning operation is half the product and half installation. Having separate companies each supply half the job can be costly as you have the potential to have disagreement over who is going to take responsibility if the unit is not suitable, doesn't fit or for any issues with the aircon that may arise in the future.


"An air conditioning Dealer has a vested interest to make sure both the air conditioner and the installation are the best for the application required"


The Air Conditioner Will Get Correctly Sized

Sizing an air conditioner is not just about the room size numbers. It can give a rough idea, but onsite inspections to determine the position of the indoor and outdoor units are essential to ensure the air conditioner will have the fan capacity to cool or heat the area, or that short cycling won't occur rendering your 'big' air conditioner useless. Read our Importance of correct sizing blog for more information.

Dangers of Delivery

We often get calls to compare our AC unit price with large retailers and online stores and asked to match as we are 'more expensive'. This is when we ask "What is their delivery fee?" and after some research into delivery it often turns out we are on par with their other prices. So make sure all fees are included when making price comparisons

Picking up air conditioners is also pretty inconvenient in the normal family car. They are required to be handled and stored a certain way so as to not damage the product prior to installation. If you inadvertently damage the air conditioner prior to getting it home you have no recourse as the product hasn't been transported properly.

"Purchase your aircon from a dealer who supplies, delivers and installs the air conditioners and you can be assured any issues that occur prior to the air conditioner turning on in your home are covered and you are not left out of pocket"

Future Faults

If you have a fault on your air conditioner in the future, your first port of call is usually the installer. However, if the installer who is not a dealer of the product attends site and finds that it is a manufacturer's warranty fault you will be charged for the callout as there is no way for the installer to be paid for their time by the manufacturer. And vice versa, if the manufacturer attends and finds an installation fault, you will be charged and have to seek the installer out for repair.

When purchasing through a Dealer, it doesn't matter what the fault is, your callout fee is covered as the installer/dealer can get compensated directly from the manufacturer if needed*

*This is subject to individual warranty terms and conditions of each business but is the usual rule of thumb.

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