Require qualified electrician for installation

16 million colours to choose from, set them to turn on at different times when you're away or set them up to 'dance' with your music for a great night in!


Self installation like a normal light bulb

For Lamps or Light fittings, these screw in or bayonet bulbs do not need an electrician for installation and are fully customisable.  Pop them in a lamp in the baby's room at the best colour & brightness and slowly fade out into the night.


It's completely up to you!

You can set it up to use all lights individually or 'group' lights into 'rooms' to be operated as one!

Control from Smart Phone or Tablet

All existing physical switches need to be in 'on' position for the connection to the phone or tablet and then they can all be used from there

Have a central controller

These come with the air conditioner package and then everything else can be attached, or you can purchase it separately if you don't have ducted air conditioning

Motion & Temp Sensors

Physical switches with sensors for both your air conditioner and lights all in one sleek controller that comes in 3 colours to match your decor

Wireless Wall Controls in each room

Generally speaking in existing houses, these controllers do not replace your existing ones on your wall (it's to do with electrical safety legislation), but as there is no wiring, you are able to 3M velcro them to wherever you want.


Alternatively you can have your home re-wired to accommodate them or it can be incorporated into a new build. 


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