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Any home can be smart, whether building, renovating or redecorating. With one touch, turn on air con, dim lights, water gardens or boil kettles. Schedule everything and do nothing. How smart is that?


Smart Temperature



Smart Lighting


Smart Power Outlets

Smart Watering Systems


Smart Garage Doors

We are really selective when it comes to adding a product to our line up, let alone an entire system.  There are definitely other options on the market in the air conditioning category and a few of the other categories have their own solutions as well.  What sold us on iZone was the ease of integration with all the main areas that make your WHOLE HOME Smart. 

You are not locked in to their branded products for every application (you start with their hub system and can add other products to it and use third party apps) so it really makes setting your home up for the future so much less stressful.  The reasoning behind this is they're not going waste their resources reinventing a perfectly good product if there is one already out there.   

So this means that when they do create their own product, it's because they're not satisfied with the products already on the market which gives US the confidence as sellers that the products that WE are selling our customers are superior.

There is going to be a huge transition from 'dumb' to 'smart' homes into the next decade as the prices fall and customer awareness increases so being able to scale your Smart Home purchases as funds allow is so important. 

The iZone system also allows for some smart product applications (including bulb lighting) that is completely wireless so tenants can make their homes 'Smart' without the landlord spending money and the tenants can then take it with them to the next house and expand their product range as required based on the new house's needs. 

The other huge factor for us was that the hub can handle 128 different appliances.  Just one hub for pretty much everything I can think of required in a standard home. The hardware store lighting options are often just 1 or 2 direct links to your phone or maybe a hub up to 12, so to scale up you need to keep purchasing more hubs. 

Our business model for GT Air involves continued relationships over decades with our customers so having a Smart Home solution that is flexible enough to work now and in 10-15 years when we don't even know what the technologies will be, was the deciding factor for us.


The iZone website is really informative and easy to use as well so instead of reinventing the wheel ourselves, a lot of our pages will lead directly to their great website.  

The iZone range


We are so excited about the solar integration with the air conditioning to bring down the cost of air conditioning that is due to come out later this year!

Copy of What can iZone do - HR.png


What is IFTTT

IF This Then That is a really versatile app that allows for so much automation with a lot of products your already own.  With this app (and compatible hardware) it is entirely possible (because Domino's GPS tracks their riders) that you can have your porch light turn on automatically when your pizza delivery driver is 3 minutes away.  

Alternatively, when your phone app for the weather registers a certain point you can program your roller blinds to shut, turn on your air conditioner and turn the lights on to halfway and then increase in luminosity until they got to full at a certain time of the afternoon ensuring that the home is cool by the time you get home but also saving on running costs. 

Can't remember if you shut the garage door?  IFTTT will send you a reminder text if you are more than a certain distance away and it's still open.  You can then shut the garage door with your iZone app.  Same with your hair straightener or iron!

Just download the app onto your phone now to explore the options (even without your iZone system and hardware this this is such a great app to have)


You can also go next level and voice activate your smart home with Amazon's Alexa & Google Home.

I'll be honest, when these products first came out I was a bit skeptical that they were a gimmick, but through the research I now understand the place they have in the whole smart home system and will become increasingly a part of the modern smart family

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