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A condensate drain will be connected from the indoor unit to outside via a PVC pipe to the nearest downpipe, drain or directly to the ground unless otherwise stipulated in your quotation

Please note: GT Air will not be responsible for any damage caused by a blocked downpipe. Maintenance of downpipes is the responsibility of the owner.

Single Phase – This quotation includes all electrical wiring, isolation point and safety switch where required. Wiring is in accordance with the Australian Wiring Rules.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Units, with corresponding controller (when air conditioner supplied)

  • Refrigeration grade/insulated copper pipe

  • Pipe work is pressure tested for leaks & properly evacuated to remove contaminants

  • Plastic duct to cover any exposed electrical & copper piping

  • All other sundry items required

  • Adherence to risk & site safety procedures

  • Adherence to quality assurance policies


STANDARD EXCLUSIONS (Unless specifically addressed in quotation)

  • Upgrading of your switchboard, switchboard enclosure and/or mains supply to your property (where possible we will discuss this at site inspection)

  • Crane hire to locate indoor or outdoor units

  • Carpentry, plasterwork and/or building structural work

  • Penetrations through concrete floors, slab walls, glass and/or Perspex

  • Redecorating or re-painting


Current laws prevent us from cutting, tampering, drilling or otherwise damaging asbestos sheeting in excess of 100mm holes. The pricing and acceptance of this quote is conditional upon either any internal sheeting where the indoor units are to be located, being replaced with a suitable material as per current building standards or the provision for our team to remove within the current guidelines.


Alternatively, we can advise where any holes will need to be located and you can have an asbestos removal company come and cut the holes for you. Any costs involved with this are to be at the owners expense. If asbestos is found at time of installation or cutting has not been completed by a registered Asbestos Removal Company, GT Air supports their technician’s decision to discontinue the job until the asbestos has been safely removed.


To allow an air conditioning system to run at peak performance please consider the following:

  • Installation of ceiling insulation

  • Tinting of windows or quality blinds to keep the sun out

  • Closing all doors & windows to other areas during operation to ensure the minimum amount of cool air is lost

  • Regular preventative maintenance cleans & filter cleaning



We believe our product range, system design & installation workmanship is second to none and for your peace of mind you are provided:

  • 5 Years manufacturer’s warranty for Daikin & Panasonic systems that GT Air Supplies. Other brands of air conditioning units are in accordance with manufacturers’ terms & conditions. Please refer to their product material for further information or return to point of sale for their warranty conditions.

  • Up to 5 Years installation warranty as per the following conditions:

    • Make sure that your air conditioner is serviced annually by GT Air

    • Pre-purchase your maintenance servicing and GT Air will ensure your maintenance servicing is kept up to date as per your initial purchase


Please note both manufacturer & installation warranties are conditional on proper care, general maintenance and servicing being demonstrated.


  • Quoted Price is for complete job: Electrical & Refrigeration as described in our quotation

  • All Quotes are subject to a site inspection


All quotations are valid for 21 days unless otherwise stipulated on the quotation

Our prices are for Cash, Cheque, Credit Card (AMEX is only available for online payments), EFTPOS, Direct Debit and Internet Transfer


Inverter: Variable speed motor that allows the air conditioner to operate at a range of capacities. This saves on running costs because if the air conditioner doesn’t need to work at its maximum capacity it doesn’t. This is why it is important to have an estimator assess your needs, as purchasing a larger air conditioner than required won’t necessarily give your more cooling as the air conditioner will only work at the capacity it needs to for that area. Purchasing an air conditioner that is too small will only
cause it to work at maximum capacity for extended periods, costing more to run and may lead to premature motor burnout.

Rated Capacity: The standard capacity that an air conditioner can work at. This is also used to size for the amount of cool or hot air the air conditioner can produce.

Capacity Range: The lowest and highest capacity the air conditioner is able to work at.

Reverse Cycle: The air conditioner is able to used for heating & cooling

Cooling Only: The air conditioner can only produce cool air

Split System: There is an indoor component and outdoor component that are connected by refrigeration piping and electrical cables.

Ducted air conditioner: Has an indoor & outdoor component like a split system but the indoor unit is positioned in the roof space and the air is distributed around the house using insulated duct.

Cassette: The indoor unit of this air conditioner is mounted in the ceiling and the outdoor unit is positioned outside. They are connected by refrigeration piping and electrical cables.

Multi Split System: Multiple split system indoor units can be connected to a specially designed outdoor unit all indoors are individually connected by refrigerant piping & electrical cables to the outdoor unit

Single Phase/3 Phase: This is the type of electrical wiring coming into your home. If you are unsure, it is likely that you have single phase as this is standard. The larger ducted air conditioners require 3 phase power to be connected.

Peak Smart/DRED Compatible: Energex have been working with some manufacturers to develop a system where a signal receiver is installed in compatible air conditioners that enable Energex to reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner during peak demand periods (usually dinner time on exceptionally hot days). To compensate for a slight decrease in comfort levels (most people do not notice the difference) they may give away cash back cards. Please visit their website for more details

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