Not all installations by qualified tradespeople are equal and it's too late after the job is completed to change installers

  • We employ Qualified Electricians & Refrigeration Mechanics

  • Our tradesmen are polite, courteous and respectful in your HOME.

  • We organise regular training with suppliers to ensure our technicians are as knowledgeable as possible

  • Our technicians are meticulous and take great pride in the end product of their installation.

  • We use superior installation materials to match our superior appliances. 

  • Have your air conditioner already?  No problems, we are happy to install it for you!

We believe we are not just providing a heating/cooling product we should be increasing your property's value through air conditioning.


9am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

Showroom/Office open

by appointment only. 

Just give us a call to confirm we are here before coming in

264 Brisbane St

West Ipswich

QLD 4305

3281 9100


Up driveway behind Pedders Suspension

Parking available