Control ANY split system air conditioner ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!


Sensibo is the ultimate device to control your air conditioner and make it SMART. With Sensibo you will be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy. In one app control many devices, and share your devices with your family at home and colleagues in the office.


Simply; it’s the biggest break-through in Air conditioner technology in 25 years

It’s a retro-fit for any of the estimated 19 millions split systems already installed in Australia and can be moved from one split system air conditioner to the next if the air conditioner requires replacement or you move house!


Voice Control - SensiboSky can connect to most at-home assistants, including Google Home, Alexa and Apple Siri Shortcuts.  Great for elderly relatives who aren't as mobile as they once were.


Out of Home Operation - Is today a little hotter than expected and your dog is sweating it out at home? No problems, just log in to the app on your phone and your dog will love you EVEN MORE!

Monitoring -  Have you got multiple offices at work or school?  Monitor the temperature & humidity and check if the air conditioners are being left on (then turn them off if you need to!)


No Electrician Required - Just make sure you have WIFI in your home, plug your Sensibo into a powerpoint within line of sight of the air conditioner, download the app, follow the prompts and away you go!


Take it with you - The best thing about Sensibo is that it can connect to pretty much any of the 19 million split systems in Australia (those that have an Infra Red remote control) and if you move house you just take the Sensibo and configure it to the next house's split system.


Geo-fencing - If you're sick of coming home to the air conditioner being on all day because someone forgot to turn it off (and that someone might have been you!), then you can set the Sensibo to turn the air conditioner off when the last person is more than a specified distance away from the house.  The possibilities are endless.


What's In The Box?

  • 1x Sensibo Sky Hub
  • 1x 1m micro USB Cable
  • 1x AC Power Adapter









SENSIBO - Smart AC Control

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  • Dimensions 83 × 57 × 20 cm

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