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To clean the filters you must first open the door on the front of the air conditioner.  You can unclick the door by pulling it forward from the small handles on either side of the air conditioner at the same time.  Once this has come away, swing the door vertically until it clicks into position and stays there.


Inside are mesh filters that need regular cleaning.  The filters vary from brand to brand, but mostly they push up from the bottom until the bottom of the filter is clear of the plastic strip along the casing of the air conditioner and then when you release your hand the filter should drop forward and come out (to put it back in just reverse the procedure) Wash gently in soapy water and leave to dry. 



Please note:  Do not operate the air conditioner without the filters.

Pull the door down again (carefully but firmly as it sometimes sticks) and click back shut again.

Repeat at least quarterly to enable your air conditioner to run at optimum efficiency