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As an authorised Daikin Dealer our business is centred around the exceptional quality of the machine and superior backup service provided. Daikin is regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of air conditioners and are one of the biggest air conditioning companies in the world. They focus their attention on air conditioning (not cars and televisions) and are often the first to introduce new technologies to the industry.

Daikin supply a range of air conditioners from small bedroom wall mount split systems to large whole house ducted air conditioners.  They also supply a niche product range of larger, 3 phase ducted air conditioners ranging from 18 - 25kw. 

One of their cost saving technologies that Daikin have introduced to the industry in the split systems is their ‘intelligent eye’. This is a motion sensor on the air conditioner that senses when you have left the room for an extended period, and puts the temperature up a couple of degrees so it is not working as hard. As soon as it sees you again, it reverts back to the temperature you set it at, saving you money on running costs. This function is able to be turned off for bedroom air conditioners though!

We understand however that everyone loves CHOICE!

With both a standard range and a deluxe range, Panasonic have an air conditioning option for everyone.  Their deluxe split systems have cost saving motion sensors that not only detect when people are not in the room, but also when activity is heightened they ramp up their capacity and also direct airflow to areas in the room that are more active than others.  All Panasonic air conditioners are Energex Rebate Peak Smart Compatible ranging from their smallest wall mount split system to their largest whole house ducted air conditioner.  

Both Daikin & Panasonic air conditioners are backed by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty which is matched by GT Air's 5 year installation warranty.