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Maintenance Servicing


Regular cleaning of filters is important for not only the air quality of the home but also the running costs and reducing wear & tear (and more involved cleaning) of the air conditioner.


If the filters become clogged, the air conditioner motor has to work much harder to push the air through the filters, increasing the power consumption of the machine.

The full filters can also lead to dust & dirt bypassing the filters and blocking the coil of the indoor unit.

Uneven dirt on this fast spinning cylinder causes it to wobble and will eventually lead to the wearing out of the bearings in the fan motor, but not before making a loud whining noise that gets progressively worse.

A preventative maintenance service can determine whether a strip & clean major service is required to prevent further damage to the bearings, however, in most cases, regular filter cleaning and annual preventative servicing should eliminate the need for strip & cleans.  The time taken for a strip & clean is highly variable and is dependent on the type and condition of the air conditioner.

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