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To clean the filters you must first open the door on the return air grilles in the ceiling.  This will usually be in a central location in the house and be rectangular in shape.  There are sometimes 2 side by side.  To open the door to the return air grille, unscrew the screw at one end (this can be done with your hands) until the screw comes completely out.

Be careful at this stage as the door will swing down and may hit you on your head, so keep your hand on the end of the door at all times.  The filter should then slide out of the door, however if it doesn’t it may have some small screws about half along that are holding it in place.  A screwdriver will be required if the filter is screwed in. 


Once the filter has slid out of the door, take the filter outside and hose the dirt out of the filter from inside to out.  Don’t use too much pressure as this can distort the filter which can make it noisy.


Please Note: Do not use the air conditioner without the filters.

Leave the filter to dry and then put it back in the return air grille door and secure with the screws.

Repeat at least quarterly to enable your air conditioner to run at optimum efficiency