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Ducted Air Conditioning

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While split systems are ROOM air conditioners, Ducted air conditions are WHOLE HOUSE air conditioners that have zoning capabilities to make them more flexible. They work in much the same way as a standard split system: they have an indoor and an outdoor unit that are connected by refrigerant piping and cable. However attached to the indoor unit located in the ceiling are tubes of insulated flex that delivers the air to each of the rooms.


Zone motors are connected to these tubes of insulated flex and they work like a tap, turning the air on and off to a certain room. However due to the air conditioner size required to do multiple rooms, there are limitations as to how many rooms you can turn off at a time. This will ultimately depend on your house design and air conditioner size requirements.

The Pros & Cons of ducted air conditioning are many and varied, and depend on your family requirements and how you intend to use it.  

We urge customers to call us to discuss these prior to any decision making. 

Not all Ducted designs & accessories are the same!

A standard system will have a temperature and airflow controller by the manufacturer installed next to a zone control keypad supplied by one of our premium duct supply companies (who supply all components other than the indoor unit, outdoor unit & temperature controller).   Daikin however also have an integrated temperature and zone controller that we include as standard in all our ducted quotes. 

At GT Air we also go the extra mile with our installations too.  When installing the insulated flexible ducting we securely tape both the inner and outer sheath to ensure no cool or warm air escapes before it gets to your room ensuring optimum efficiency for your machine.  Unfortunately this is not standard practice within the industry and some duct designs and installations actually let so much air escape and all the money you spent to get the most efficient machine is for nothing if the cold or warm air escapes before it gets to where it is needed. 

Here 3 smaller pieces of flex that deliver the air to the ceiling of your rooms are connected to a larger length of flex.


This indoor unit is being installed in the ceiling of a house being built before the plaster has been put on. We can still install them in existing houses too!