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Ceiling Cassette & Multi Split Systems


Multi split systems are much the same as single split systems, however there is only 1 outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor units. The pricing can vary between being the same as single split systems and being much more expensive. The reason for this is the additional copper piping required in some multi split installations.

As you can see in the diagram, the refrigerant travels much further from Bedroom 1 & Study to Outdoor Unit, than Bedrooms 2 & 3

Multi Split System air conditioners are great for residences where outdoor space is limited, like in townhouses.

However, if you do have the space for more than one outdoor unit, the single split system is often the better option.



When you have limited indoor wall space for a split system air conditioner, and don't want to air condition the whole house with a ducted, a single ceiling cassette can be a viable alternative. The indoor unit sits in the ceiling and all you see is a square register. It is connected to the outdoor unit through the ceiling and then down through the eaves in the same way a ducted system is connected.

It is a great way to get even air distribution through the 4 vents and gives a contemporary look to the home, not to mention frees up your wall space!