With wireless sensors and a superior control system the iZone system gives you individual temperatures in each room (within the same mode) so there's no more fighting over the temperature in your home!  Want your room cool but your baby's room to slowly warm before their regular nightly feed?  No problem!   With the wireless sensor you can even position it near the cot to ensure the temperature is read where it is most important, and then just move it if you decide to re-decorate!

Seamless integration with voice control assistants such as Google Home and Alexa mean that if the temperature in the room is getting uncomfortable you just need to say 'OK Google, turn the temperature down by 2 degrees' and you don't even need to get up from your comfy couch!

Getting home earlier than expected?  Just log in and turn the air conditioner onto the temperature you want in the rooms you want. 

The beauty of iZone products is that they work together to make your home life as comfortable as possible.   With the purchase of compatible products, it is entirely possible to have your home set that when the outside temperature reaches a certain point, your home will close motorised blinds, turn your air conditioner on, turn your inside lights onto half and increase their luminosity to full as the sun goes down.

You can also set it that at sunrise your air conditioner increases in temperature and the lights in your bedroom turn on low and increase to a set point and colour by your wake up time to help regulate your circadian rhythm.

We have the system installed in our showroom so please come and have a look and see the magic for yourself!


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