Ducted systems are not meant to be sold as 'packages'. They only meet their specifications when custom designed to their application which involves a lot of calculations based on the exact layout of the home.
We have had a very long standing relationship wit hour duct fitting supply company who we work closely with to design the system that works the best for your home and your personal requirements.


Standard white, round ceiling vents are included in our quotations, however if you have specific requirements we can usually accommodate these.
Appropriately Rated Thermal Fittings to deliver the air to the selected rooms with minimal temperature difference and also to eliminate condensation buildup on the outside from the temperature differential between the cooled air inside of the flex and the roofspace temperature outside of the flex.
Standard Flex connections are double taped to prevent air leakage into the roofspace and ensure no decrease in the efficiency of the machine
Due to their design iZone duct fittings have negligible air leakage into roof space (unlike some competitors) which is another reason we were happy to introduce their products to our lineup


A drip tray and emergency drain are the most important part of a quality ducted installation as these are what prevent major water damage to your ceiling should your main drain get blocked (usually from mud wasp nests)
Unfortunately installers who are working to a 'price' often leave this out as it is not directly related to the functionality of the machine and customer's do not notice it until there is a problem. 
How our system works:
If there is a blockage in the main drain that drains directly into your gutter the water backs up and falls into a drip tray which then drains out of an emergency drain that is installed in an obvious location in your eave.  Often this is over a laundry door so that as soon as the client notices water coming out they need to call a technician as they have a problem with their main drain and ceiling damage is minimised or avoided completely.
In addition to this, we insulate the main drain (also not standard practice) to minimise the condensation formed from the freezing cold water passing through the ceiling space temperature drain (well past 70 degrees in SEQ in summer) and dripping onto your ceiling.


Our technicians are meticulous and understand that getting it right the first time is our company mantra.  
They are respectful that they are in someone's home and our most common feedback about our technicians is how friendly and professional they were. 
After the installation we take the time to go through the operation of the machine with you to ensure you have the basics.  We then encourage customers to spend time learning the system with the instruction booklet to ensure information is retained for the future but are always happy to re-attend should you need a refresher.