Integrated Zone & Temperature

Standard in all our quotations this controller allows all air conditioner operations in one stylish controller with easy to press buttons.  Control mode, temperature, fan speed and zones.

Standard Temperature (no zones)

Only used in applications where zones are not required, this standard controller still allows all other operations of the air conditioner.

AirBase Wifi Control

New on the market the AirBase wifi control allows you to operate your ducted air conditioner from your phone.  No more getting up in the middle of the night to change the temperature!


Zone Touchpad to go with standard controller

Easily see the rooms that are turned on and those that are off with this zone LED touchpad working in conjunction with the standard temperature controller

Standard Temperature (no zones)

The standard temperature controller works in conjunction with the LED zone touchpad to control the operations of the air conditioner

Cloud Comfort WIFI control

Easily control & access all features of the standard controller of the air conditioner with smart centralised control.


The iZone system is used to control Daikin and Panasonic air conditioners, zones and individual room temperatures.  Easily integrate up to 128 home electronic products into a SMART home with the iZone hub


Nexus 435

This fully integrated wall controller allows individual temperature control in all rooms and this system has little to no air leakage into the ceiling space making it an asset to your already efficient air conditioner!


iZone's seamless integration with this is why we selected to partner with iZone.  This FREE app enables all levels of home automation, not just with your air conditioner.  Download it and explore the possibilities!


Nano 435

The Nano has all the great functions of the Nexus with the added benefit of being smaller and less intrusive in your home!